To follow me on Twitter: @BexGoos

To email me, you will find my email address at the bottom of this page.  First, I would like to make sure you are emailing me for the right reasons.

Good reasons to email Bex:

  1. You have a question about the content of the blog.
  2. You would like to commission custom artwork for a reasonable price.
  3. You have a question about Bex. I reserve the right to not answer your question.  Here, I’ll answer a few of the basics right now: Capricorn, 12/24/1990, Brown, Brown, 5’6″, Yes, No, About six, You’re kidding, right?
  4. You are a writer seeking general advice.
  5. You would like to suggest a book (to read obviously, not to write).  I am always looking for new things to read.
  6. You would like to say hi/that you love my blog/that you think I’m awesome.
  7. You would like to say that you hate me and all I stand for/hate my blog/think I’m dumb/think I don’t know what I’m talking about.  In this case, please know that you are probably wasting your time, and that I will probably laugh heartily at your email.

Bad reasons to email Bex (In other words, don’t do it):

  1. You are seeking specific advice.  In other words, you want me to read your work.  While I do get some sick sort of high out of editing other people’s writing, I’m afraid I can’t read yours.  It would not be very wise for me to offer, you see, because you could then take legal action against me for any number of crazy reasons.  If you desperately want me to read through something, you’ll have to email a signed, legally-binding contract saying that you won’t sue me for giving you an opinion about your writing.  And I don’t think anyone will want to do that.  If you need professional editing services, I recommend you check out my best friends’ editing service, Bryson Editorial.
  2. You have an idea for my blog.  That’s great.  Write it on your own blog.  Or post a short comment on one of the pages.  I want my blog to be my own, not to mention the fact that using your idea could also spell disaster for me in the legal sense.  I’m not accusing you of being a psycho, but if you were, you could see how that would be problematic for me.
  3. You want me to advertise your personal website/blog/product on my blog.  I don’t think anyone would ever do this since my blog isn’t exactly world-famous, but it doesn’t hurt to say this.  Don’t.  Please.  I’m not gonna do it.

If you have read the above lists and have decided that you have a good reason for emailing me, then please do.  I’d love to hear from you.

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