You know what I really want to know?  What is our obsession with booping the noses of things we find cute?  I boop my dog’s nose like…fifteen times a day.  And he always just looks at me like, “Man…why?  Why you do this?  I do not understand.”  ‘Cause you know…he definitely doesn’t get it.  But I’m not sure I do either!  It’s just something I like to do and I can’t even understand why.

Anyway so yeah…The Fault in Our Stars.  For those who don’t know, this is a movie based on the book written by YA God, John Green.  I don’t remember if I ever reviewed the book, but it’s fantastic.  Definitely my favorite of all Green’s works.  And the movie?  Just as good.  You have to understand that “good” here means “You will cry so much your soul will hurt.”  Which you know…that can be good in a weird way.

The movie stayed remarkably true to the book, and it was very well cast.  You know this is true because going into it I knew exactly what was going to happen and I still couldn’t avoid getting invested in the characters and crying my eyes out and such.  For those who have not read/watched, I highly recommend reading then watching.  That order only, folks.  Let’s not forget that I am always going to promote the book first and the movie second.

Click here to watch John Green at the TFiOS premiere.  And definitely go see it yourself.  But don’t forget the tissues!

That’s all.





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