Character Shirts

No I am not going to try to sell you shirts I made about my books on CafePress or something.  I was just lying awake last night thinking about what I want to write next for The Dreamcatchers, but I am having a little trouble despite my “Change Something” plan.  Mainly because it is very hard to juggle three main characters.  You know what with the unique personalities and equal page-time (my book version of screen time).  It’s hard to make sure they all have a fairly equal impact on the course of events.

Normally when I’m lying awake at night, I just make up stories about lovable hitmen.  This time I decided to make up a little exercise for myself.  I decided to make some T-shirts for my protagonists.  There would be three each, mainly because three seemed like a good number.  The first would display each character’s greatest fear.  The second would display each character’s greatest desire.  The fun thing about that second one was that I decided to go with a desire the characters themselves might not even know they had.

Why did I choose T-shirts?  Because you can’t fit too much on a shirt.

Full Story

See?  If you try that, you’re only going to get part of the story.

Part of the Story

Since I am notoriously bad at censoring myself, I thought limiting my ramble-prone brain to the confines of a T-shirt would help me….somehow.  No I don’t know why it’s necessary to keep things concise.  It’s just a stupid, insomnia-induced writing exercise, okay?

So, T-shirt 1.  Greatest fear.


Afraid to Fail


Afraid to Try


Afraid to Slow Down

Second shirt.  Greatest desire.


Confidence Shirt


Courage Shirt


Closure Shirt

No I wasn’t trying me to make them all start with C, but I’m tickled that they do.

The third shirt was hard.  I just chose three because it’s usually the go-to number for lists and exercises.  At first I was just going to choose a few words that belonged to the characters, but that had me revealing things I wasn’t ready to.  Things I wasn’t even sure about permanently attributing to these characters yet.  So in the end I did something a little different.  I decided to draw stick figures on the shirts.  The figures were placed in a way that I thought would encompass these characters without the use of words.  See what you think.


Shaina's Shirt


Cady's Shirt


Eric's Shirt

So that’s that.  You might not know much about these characters but now maybe you know a little more?  Without even having to read anything about them.  That’s kinda cool right?  Anyway, feel free to try the Shirt Exercise yourself.  It’s actually a really good way to get you to think, get those creative juices flowing.

That’s all I’ve got.  I get all my best (or is it worst?) blog ideas at 1 AM it seems.



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