A History of My Life as Told by Books -OOPS!

So I was rereading the first post in this series when I came across this line: “I was a huge horse fan (as you will see in one of my next posts).”

And I was all like…What?  What did I mean by that?  Why did Past Me set me up to be so confused?

And then it hit me.

The Thoroughbred series!  Created by Joanna Campbell!  I had meant to talk all about those books and completely forgot about them!

So here’s a quick add-on to the previous post (Middle Years).

I read thirty-nine of these books, if memory serves.  The bookshelf in my room was 75% Thoroughbred books and 25% Everything Else.  I still own them, though I think I’m missing a couple, and I intend to reread a few someday.  They were such an important part of my preteen/early teen years that I can’t imagine not going through them at least once, just for nostalgia’s sake.

In the end, I’m kind of glad I forgot to include them in my last post.  Why?  Because I devoured these books.  I followed Ashleigh and several other characters as they grew from children into adults and had children of their own.  I’m thinking that means this series deserves its own post.  It illustrates how significant Thoroughbred was to me.  More importantly, since we’re going through my life through the books I read, the first book I ever tried to write was a “horse book.”  Before The Dreamcatchers, I essentially stole a bunch of ideas from Thoroughbred and tried to write a book.  It didn’t work out, but I was determined to try again.  And that is basically how I came to write The Dreamcatchers.  It wasn’t my first attempt, but it was my first completed attempt.  And, in a small way, A Horse Called Wonder started it all.

There.  Now I truly am done with my “middle years.”

No Word of the Day.  It’s the same day as the previous post, so you already got one.



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4 responses to “A History of My Life as Told by Books -OOPS!

  1. sunlightonthewaves

    Have you ever read this one? It’s old, but it made me cry.


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