Cold Days

So I bought the newest installment of The Dresden Files a couple days ago.  It’s called Cold Days.  I’ve finished it now.  Here is what I have to say:

Oh my GOD I love Jim Butcher so much.  His books are like my crack.  I think.  I mean I’ve never been on crack, but if I were, I don’t think it would be nearly as exciting as reading one of his books.  Harry Dresden(‘s dog) is my favorite character in fiction ever!  I’m a fan girl.  Sad but true.

Also there were three typos:

1. “His” was written instead of “He.”  “His turned his golden eyes away…” (Cold Days, 15).

2. “Courtesy” was written instead of “Curtsy.”  (Not 100% sure about this one.  The line is “‘Lord Gruff,’ she said, giving him a courtesy that somehow seemed natural” (Cold Days, 35).  I mean…the “courtesy” bit could be referring to her calling him “Lord” or something, but it makes more sense with “curtsy” in there, doesn’t it?)

3. There is a character named Butters, but the possessive form of his name was written “Butter’s.”  It happened just once, so don’t ask me to remember what page it was on.  It’s not like I took notes.

I’m not saying I would have caught those mistakes if I were Jim Butcher’s editor.  I mean…those people are really busy, I imagine, and they don’t have time to go over every single page with a fine-toothed comb.  All I’m saying is that when I finally get my book published, the first typo I see is going to be my undoing.  I’m gonna be like “NOOOOOOOO!!!  My world is over!”  And maybe I’ll tear off my shirt or turn to vigilante superheroism or something to make up for it.

No comic today because I am lazy.

Words of the Day: Courtesy (n) – Excellence of manners or social conduct; polite behavior.
Curtsy (n) – a respectful bow made by women and girls, consisting of bending the knees and lowering the body.


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One response to “Cold Days

  1. WHAT? They are PAID to go over each page with a fine tooth comb. I think we should get a dollar back for each typo.

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