Wear Your Veggies

Robin McKinley is a person.  More specifically, she’s an author.  She wrote a very interesting book called Sunshine, and another one that I like even better called Deerskin.  She’s also a person who decided to write two variations on the classic story of Beauty and the Beast and publish both of them.  One is called Beauty, the other, Rose Daughter.  I was reading the latter when I came across this piece of description: “…the cabbages, some of them so big around she could not have circled them with her arms, bore extravagant frills as elaborate as ball gowns and as exquisitely coloured” (Rose Daughter, 153).  After reading that, I thought of what any sane person would have.  This:


And then I again did the very sane thing and drew what I imagined, as you can see.  Then, continuing along the path of sanity, my brain (and subsequently my tablet) produced this…

…and this:

Please excuse my somewhat shabby drawing skills.  I was never really trained, though what I do know I learned from my fantastic mother.  One thing I could never master was drawing feet facing forward, so my figures always come out a bit duck-footed.  Oh well.  I figured it was best not to use Mini Bex in this instance since I don’t think my vision would have translated as well on her.

Actually that looks more adorable than I realized…

Also, if you’re curious if you’ve got the right vegetable in mind, hover your mouse over the image.  It’ll tell you.  I may or may not have been sneaking in some Alt-Text for my pictures.  For those who don’t know, that’s the name for the text boxes that pop up when you hover your mouse over a picture.

And, because I feel the need to make this post at least a little bit relevant to the theme of this blog, let me just say a quick word about Robin McKinley.  She’s a great writer.  All of her books (or at least the four I’ve read) have a couple things in common.  The first is that they can get a bit slow at times, especially in the beginning.  It’s worth sticking with them, though, because her writing is top notch and her stories are beautiful.  The second is that I’ve noticed a theme of survival that runs throughout all her books, even though they’re not related (even the two books about Beauty and the Beast exist as their own story and do not relate to each other in any way).  More importantly to me, it’s about women’s survival.  Her female characters are strong.  Quite literally, they lift heavy things, and hunt, and survive on their own.  So if you’re ever at the book store, I’d say go for Deerskin.  Even though I’m a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast (my favorite Disney cartoon), I liked Deerskin the best.

Ok, that’s it.  Have a comic.  You know the drill – click to enlarge.

Word of the Day: Verdant (adj) – green with vegetation; covered with growing plants or grass.



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