A Sociological Experiment

So there was this one post of Hyperbole and a Half where Allie, the writer, said she had to be famous by Thursday.  And, while I feel I have a bit more time than that to gain fame and fortune (I mean, I’m writing this on a Wednesday, and she wrote hers on a Sunday), I think I have to agree with her.  I need to get famous.  Because I don’t think I’d do well living on the streets.  To be sure of this, I decided to conduct an experiment in which I tried to live on the street.

I started by walking out the front door, large cardboard box in hand, and setting up shop on the curb in front of my house.  I crawled inside my nice little box and thought about how my life would change over the next few days as this experiment progressed.

Then it got a bit hot, so I went back inside.

My results from this extensive study led me to believe that I just wouldn’t do well without the basic amenities of life – soap, indoor plumbing, refrigeration, chocolate, etc.

I’m lucky enough to have stumbled upon a new subject for a book…which is me.  I know I did a whole post on writing what you know where I basically railed against the concept the entire time, but I want to remind you that I wrote another post where I said I wasn’t against doing that…I was just against doing only that.  In this book, I’m pretty much sticking to writing what I know.  That is, it’s based very closely on my current life of reading ridiculous query letters and then wishing my books could get published.  I’ve got almost 7,000 words already, which is pretty good, considering I started the book on Monday, and then restarted it on Tuesday (yesterday).

Aside from that, I’m really banking on Hellbound making it big.  I mean…that book has “movie” written all over it.  As much as it saddens me to say this, authors tend not to make lots of money unless their book becomes an international best-seller/gets turned into a movie.  And, honestly, I’d be okay with just the international best-seller bit.  But, as you well know, when a book does at all well, it will inevitably be turned into a movie.  I hope I don’t sound too shallow, but it’d be really cool to see my books get published and stuff.  And I really look forward to book signings, because one of the biggest reasons I started writing was to share my stories, and book signings are the conduit through which authors can meet their readers and see that their stories have touched some lives.  God that was a long sentence.

So yeah, I’ll give it ’til Thursday, December 24th, 2015, which will be my 25th birthday.  If I’m not famous by then, I might as well use whatever savings I have to buy a large refrigerator – I’ll donate the appliance to charity and keep the box for myself.

Word of the Day: Sociology (n) – the science or study of the origin, development, organization, and functioning of human society; the science of the fundamental laws of social relations, institutions, etc.



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3 responses to “A Sociological Experiment

  1. playfulpups

    I’m pulling for you!! 🙂 One day when you are famous, I can say, “I once read a blog by that person…”

  2. A girl’s gotta have dreams! Here’s to not living in a box! Keep writing!

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