Good News and Bad News

We’re gonna start with the bad news first, since I always like to end on a happy note.

Yesterday I found out that I am not a finalist.  I cried some, considered giving up writing, was depressed.  All the usual, expected reactions.  I knew there was very little chance that I would make it that far, but I found it was impossible to keep myself from getting my hopes up.  It is important to remember that I did make it to the semifinals, which exceeded my expectations, and I am still really proud of myself for that.  That was a big accomplishment.  And no, I’m not going to give up writing.  I’ve been sending out query letters as well as applications for internships and jobs.  I will not get any of these internships or jobs, because everybody and their mother needs a job right now.  But that’s not going to stop me from trying.

On to the good news.


Yes, I was able to install my Tablet software back onto my computer!  I can draw pictures again!  It took me a while to get used to things, and of course it wasn’t as easy as install, open photoshop, draw.  Oh no.  It went more like this:

So after installing it…I had to uninstall it.  And then I installed it again.  The above pictures are evidence that I was eventually able to make it work, and I’m even working on drawing all my phone booth pictures again.  So I’m really excited about that.

As for the award, I want to thank all of my readers, friends, and family for supporting me and encouraging me.  I don’t regret entering the contest at all, and I’m lucky to have had such avid supporters.

That’s all for now!  Look forward to more cartoons!

Word of the Day: Avid (adj) – Showing great enthusiasm for or interest in.


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