Trying Something New

Hello!  It has been a while.  I hope you have not forgotten about me.  Here are the things that have been going on in my life over the past couple weeks that have made it hard to find time to blog:

Writing final papers, taking a sign language final, taking classes, working twice a week, finishing classes, packing my things, preparing for graduation, cleaning my apartment, sleeping, eating at IHOP.

So I’ve been kind of busy but the short of it is that I’m graduating!  Remember this picture?

That picture is from one of my older posts, which I always encourage people to read.  It also still applies!  I will soon be wearing a cap and gown, only mine will be orange and navy blue, so they will be slightly more ridiculous than the traditional black ones.

Two things have happened somewhat simultaneously.  One: I was introduced to a great video in which a young man from the UK reads Twilight and comments on it.  Two: I found I had some spare time, so I decided to share this video with you!  And in doing so, I am going to try something new!  I am going to try to put the video right here into my blog, so you don’t have to click a link.  And if that works, then that means…I don’t know…cookies?  Anyway, you should watch it.  (Here goes nothing!)

I just clicked “Preview” and it seems to have worked!  And if you want a link to that video on YouTube, you should click the two words at the end of this sentence!  If you go to that link, then you can find all the other videos where he reads the rest of the book.  They are very, very funny, and actually quite accurate.  That is, he makes good points about the writing and how it should have been done better.

Finally, I would like to quickly do a bit of grammar.  This is another one of my pet peeves.  People seem to like to say “in which” when it is not appropriate to say.  I guess they want to avoid ending sentences with prepositions, and to that I say: What do you want to do that for?  And I also say: Watch this video.  (Or just scroll down.  I’ll post it below the Word of the Day, because apparently I know how to do that now.)

Anyway, people say something like, “I had to sit through a presentation in which I fell asleep.”  So what’s wrong with the word “during”?  I ask you, because I feel like During’s feelings are probably a little hurt right now.  Here’s the rule, people.  If something happens over a period of time, probably with no clearly defined beginning or end, you use “during.”  If it’s a thing, abstract or concrete, you use “in which.”  If it’s a period of time in which something specific happens once, or with a very concrete beginning and end, you can use “in which.”  Granted in the above example the person fell asleep only once, but the implication is that the narrator continued to sleep while the presentation went on.  Therefore, the narrator was sleeping during the presentation.  Ok, so the rules are a little murky.  I’ll give you some sample sentences.

– You will have a week to complete this project, during which you may use any number of resources.

– The bomb will go off in seven minutes, during which you can try to defuse it.

– I bought a box in which I placed several toys.

– I had a dream in which a tiger ate my face.

– I had a dream during which many strange things happened.

– I wrote a blog post in which I embedded two videos.

Please don’t neglect During!  It loves you!  If you’re unsure, you can still use “in which,” and at this point it’s probably been accepted into colloquial American English anyway, but still…I don’t know.  I just think During deserves a chance.

Word of the Day: Assiduous (adj) – Constant in application or effort; working diligently at a task; persevering; industrious; attentive.

Here’s that video I promised.  Seriously.  Watch it.  It’ll blow your mind.  It certainly makes my day THROUGH.  (You’ll get it in a sec)


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