Fighting Dirty

So I was poking around the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award site and I noticed a list in the upper left corner that was labeled “Quarterfinalists by category.”  So I clicked on the link for Young Adult Fiction, and wouldn’t you know it, you can download an excerpt of Hellbound to your Kindle for free!  Even better, it looks like you’re able to rate the excerpt on the site.  Yes, I am blatantly asking you, my blog readers, to play up my book for me.  Yes, it’s fighting dirty.  No, I don’t care.  You think the other contestants aren’t doing the same thing?  I guarantee they are.  But I do have some morals.  I’m not going to give myself a five star rating, or any rating at all really, because that’s just wrong.  But if you wanted to download and read the excerpt and then rate it based on your opinion of it, that would be awesome.  You can find it here: [Edit 5/30/13: I probably shouldn’t have to say this, but this link is no longer available for the clicking.  Sorry.]

I don’t know if your rating actually affects the contest, but I’d appreciate it anyway.  So does Badly Drawn Cow:

My Word of the Day is “thank you.”  I think you know what it means.


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