Finally Marr

So IMDb just informed me that The Host, a book by Stephenie Meyer, is being made into a movie.  I should have known, of course.  Meyer has made it quite obvious to the movie industry that she can make them a fortune, and they’ve run out of Twilight movies.  So, yeah, making The Host into a movie is the logical next step.  But now I’m conflicted!  Because, on the one hand, The Host was a legitimately good book that I enjoyed very much, and even bought in Spanish since I like practicing other languages by reading my favorite books in them.  On the other hand, it’s Stephenie “Women don’t need to be smart as long as they’re pretty” Meyer.  I don’t want her to make any more money.  I really don’t think she deserves it.  So I guess I won’t be seeing that movie in theaters, even though I’d like to.  Twilight just taints everything it touches…like the plague.  Only instead of causing black sores to appear all over the body, I think people just start oozing glitter.

(I miss not having my tablet.  It’s so much easier to make longer pieces of speech fit in the frame)

Anyway, my point is that I can’t, in good conscience, support Stephenie Meyer.  So I guess I’ll Netflix it or something.

The next order of business for today is my homage to Melissa Marr, which I’ve been putting off for way too long.  So here we go:

(She gets a big number four because everyone else got a big number.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Then read this and this.)

Thanks MS Paint, for being there when I needed you.

So Melissa Marr wrote the Wicked Lovely series, which is mainly what I want to talk about.  Her more recent novel is called Graveminder, and while it was quite good, I don’t believe it was the same caliber as Wicked Lovely.  See those books are about fairies, but not the kind that wear tiny green dresses and run off to tell Captain Hook where your secret hideout is the moment they get mad at you.  These fairies are kind of deadly and scary-looking, and sometimes just plain crazy.  But on top of that, the books all address really deep issues about loyalty, friendship, right and wrong, etc.  Marr definitely doesn’t coddle you.  Her books can be frustrating and terrifying and sad in all the right ways.  I also wasn’t sure a lot of the time who I was supposed to be rooting for, which is kind of awesome.  And that’s why I like her.  She’s one of my favorite authors because she doesn’t pull punches, and she doesn’t take the obvious route for her stories.  And she reinvents the concept of “fairy” in very interesting ways, too, which is always fun.

Yay!  I finally got around to doing this!  I’m very happy.  I think that’s where I’ll leave off on this list, because I know if I say I’ll continue, then I never will and then I’ll feel bad for not upholding my promise.

You get two words of the day because I used two in this post that I really like.

Word of the Day 1: Homage (n) – respect or reverence paid or rendered.

Word of the Day 2: Caliber (n) – degree of merit or excellence; quality.

Note: Caliber can also be used to measure the barrel of a gun and other cylindrical, tube-like objects.  Obviously that wasn’t the use I was going for, so I didn’t define it in that way.  Just thought I’d point that out.


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