Between You and Me, People Need to Stop Saying “Between You and I”

Hi everybody.  I’m writing today to update you on my life as a failed writer, and to provide a quick, illustrated rant about proper grammar.  Firstly, I recently sent out about ten query letters for one of my books.  So far I’ve received three rejections, and believe it or not, it doesn’t bother me anymore.  The only way I’m going to get published one day is if I keep trying…or if I meet somebody who works in the business.  That’s plan B.  I’m hoping to get an internship with a publisher or literary agent after I graduate, so that might also be an in.  But for now, I’m sending queries out, and writing as often as I can.

Second, I’m sick and tired of hearing people say “Between you and I.”  I’m pretty sure it happens so much because people have this thought process:  I always want to say things like “Sally and me went to the beach,” but I know that I’m supposed to say “Sally and I went to the beach” even though it doesn’t sound right.  But it does make me sound smarter when I remember to say “I” instead of “me,” so I’ll just keep doing that for every sentence ever, and boy will I sound smartical!

Here’s the thing, people: SOMETIMES IT’S OKAY TO SAY “ME”!!!  The following is a little drawing I made of a conversation between you and I.

So, how can we tell if we are supposed to say “I” or “me”?  It’s simple.  I learned this trick in like…first grade, so it’s probably understandable.  When you have a sentence with “Someone and I/me”  you just take out the “Someone and” part and see if the sentence still makes sense without it.  For example: Sally and I went to the beach = I went to the beach.  YAY!  It works!  Sally and me went to the beach = Me went to the beach.  Oh NO!  That doesn’t work.

Granted this method doesn’t work so well with “Between you and me,” because you just get “Between me.”  But “Between I” doesn’t sound much better.  And you can replace “between” with a different preposition that does work.  Like: Over you and me = Over me.  That works!  For your further education, I have illustrated a conversation between you and me as well.  For the purposes of this exercise, you are a clown.

Now, of course I know that my loyal readers (I have those, right?) would never make such a mistake.  I’m just going off on a little tangent.  I love you guys if you exist!  See you later!

Word of the Day: Effervescent (adj) – vivacious, gay, lively, sparkling


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  1. “You and I” is definitely on my grammar pet peeves list. Thanks for the great post!

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