A lot of authors fall into that one trap of repeating one word or phrase over and over again, and I don’t think they really notice that they repeat those words and phrases over and over again, which is what I like to call repetition of words and phrases over and over again.

How do you stop yourself from repeating…yourself? The best way is to have someone else read it and point out to you anything that you seem to say a lot. Or you could try it yourself. My words are “realize,” “really,” “actually,” and “all right.” Once you actually  realize you’re doing this, it’s really easy to catch yourself, so everything will turn out all right.

Anyway, here is an example off the top of my head that you can look out for. If you dare to read the Twilight series, then note how many times the word, “chagrin,” is used. In short, way too much.

That’s my blog.

Word of the Day: Squelch (v) – to put down, suppress, or silence, as with a crushing retort or argument


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